Top 10 Things You Missed in Only Murders in the Building Season 2 (2023)


Rewatching "Only Murders in the Building" Season 2, you might catch these clues you initially missed. For this list, we’ll be looking at the hidden details, clues, and foreshadowing in this season’s mystery at the Arconia. Our countdown includes "New Girl" connection, Alice is a fraud, Bunny's last day, and more! Which "Only Murders" clues did YOU catch? Let us know in the comments!

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Like your beats huh, it's a callback because we're right back where we forget it.

Welcome to ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 things you missed in only murders in the building season.

Two, you think we're just gonna tell you kind of felt like that yeah yeah, I mean.

Why else am I here? Don't we kind of have to tell them if they're gonna be part of it, for this list we'll be looking at the hidden details, clues and foreshadowing in this season's mystery at the arconia? If you aren't caught up on both seasons here is your spoiler warning? How do you think poppy discovered the arc catacombs share your theories in the comments below number 10 bloody mabel's knitting needle the grisly murder of arconia board.

President bunny folger was a shock to everyone, especially the number one subject: mabel mora bunny is found in mabel's apartment, apparently the victim of one of her knitting needles.

How did the killer, who we learn, is poppy white, aka, becky butler know about mabel's penchant for wielding the craft tool.

Well, mabel did confess in season one that she has a fantasy about putting them to a more pointed use.

I'm in bed I wake up and there's a man standing over me.

So I kick him right in the nuts and I grab my knitting needle and I take him down to the bone with that thing, then she almost took out oscar when he made the mistake of following her down an alley later.

Joking about always wanting to use it as a weapon.

She didn't attack bunny, but she sure got glitter guy on the subway I'll.

Take that hug now number nine new girl connection, one of the newcomers.

This season is cara, delevingne's, alice banks, an artist and gallery owner who slides into mabel's dms.

I know this is insane given all you're going through a stranger, sending you a round of video message, but I really love your mural and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it in episode, 1 mabel attends an event at alice's art collective, the third arm gallery.

In the second episode, though, we get a better look at the place during the day we made it.

Hey this is nicely glam down from the other night fans of fox's.

New girl will recognize the exterior of the industrial style, building both productions filmed at the binford lofts located in the arts district of downtown los angeles, and though the show was almost set in new york.

New girl takes place in la very far away from downtown nyc.

Look, it's not a bad place to start from.

As long as you have the right support.

Why don't you come back and get to know our space number eight alice is a fraud.

Speaking of mabel's new love interest like oliver, we were instantly suspicious of alice.

It's pretty sketchy that she came into mabel's life the day after bunny's murder, when mabel first meets up with her at the gallery.

Alice even makes an offhand comment that alludes to these misgivings you'll work back here some sometimes I like to cry back here, because I'm a fraud.

Of course we later find this to be true during oliver's son of sam game, but at the gallery alice also tells mabel about her idea for a future project.

I had a thought about a video series on art his therapy.

I can tell you're not the type of person to get through something by meditating.

You need something more visceral at the end of episode.

6 mabel sees that alice used her as inspiration recreating her traumatic experiences in the very video series mentioned earlier.

I'm sorry, you weren't meant to see it like this.

Not yet let me explain um number seven bunny's last day.

I can't believe this is my last day episode.

Three, the last day of bunny folger is filled with little details.

Some are more obvious than others like bunny's morning statement, but others may have flown under the radar.

Like the keychains of evelyn's leg hanging up on the arconiak's merch setup, then there's bunnies foreshadowing advice to our successor, nina lynn, rotates the fetus stimulates contractions, don't have it here.

Charles almost has to deliver nina's baby in the next episode.

Other details include bunny using the same bag that oliver uses in the season premiere to gather things from her apartment.

We also get answers to some lingering questions, including how and why bunny was wearing and only murders in the building hoodie the night she died.

We have a gift for you too um there.

You are your very own merch number six, mrs gambellini and the parrot theory in episode.

Six detective kreps calls all the podcasters to bunny folger's apartment under false pretenses.

There wasn't any new evidence.

Creps just wanted to yell at everyone all right, but you amateurs got things so twisted up that I'm getting calls from citizens asking me to look into a bird a bird.

The parrot theory is what they're calling it apparently listeners latched on to this parrot theory.

This is clearly a reference to the owl theory from the true crime docu-series, the staircase, which dug into the suspicious death of kathleen peterson.

Mrs gambellini, wasn't the culprit of the crime and only murders, but she was a witness.

I know who did it in the finale when poppy begins to talk mrs gambellini squawks in the background, probably because the bird recognizes her as bunny's killer, poppy's sneeze was also a huge giveaway, especially since it was becky butler's saliva that was found on the murder weapon so strange.

The killer sneezed when fleeing the crime scene is that a crime to be allergic to rancid bird molding number 5.

cinda look-alikes, since we first met cinda canning back in the fourth episode of season.

One, it's been a running joke that her two assistants look just like her.

Are you serious? You must know things that upset her that might make her feel vulnerable.

I mean sure human error interruption, people who work for her, but don't look like her.

No we'd notice that one we gradually get to know poppy more, but cindy only appears twice the second time being, very briefly.

In season two, the writers use this look-alike setup to steer us in the direction of cinda as bunny's killer.

You don't know what she's capable of you don't know what she'd do to get what she wants.

She had brown, hair and glasses cindy canny.

I don't know her name.

She was so bushy.

It's assumed that the queen of true crime podcasts would be more of a criminal mastermind than her quiet, mistreated, assistant poppy, who we wouldn't suspect as being nosy or pushy, but never underestimate someone looking for their big break.

I just wanted to make a good podcast.

I just wanted cindy to notice me number four who is becky butler, because I'm becky butler many only murders fans were not expecting the twist in the penultimate episode.

Poppy white is in fact the subject of cinda canning's, most successful, true crime.


There are some subtle clues, though this all has something to do with all is not okay in oklahoma.

I just can't figure out how it's like I'm missing a puzzle piece somewhere at the beginning of episode.

Six we see poppy sit directly under the poster, for all is not okay in oklahoma.

That specifically says where is becky butler and again in episode: nine she's standing near one when mabel comes to talk to her later when cinda schooled her about the mispronunciation of chikasha poppy, corrects her silvers.

Are you done interrupting me? Oh sorry, I was just trying to be helpful.

Oh, where was that help when I mispronounced chickasha oklahoma for an entire podcast? It's a it's chickasha who would know this information better than a chickasha native our theme this week.

The stories we tell ourselves number three charles senior's arrest.

Charles look at that building, I hit it big we're gonna live there in the second episode of the season.

We get to see a young charles hayden savage with his father, charles senior.

We know that from charles's past comments about his father, he was a heavy drinker who spent time in and out of jail, though it isn't explicitly stated what crimes he committed later in the episode he's hauled away from rose, cooper's apartment building in handcuffs looking like he was just in a brawl dad dad it's okay, buddy, what's happening, come on, that's my son, but what happened well.

According to rose, she was in a violent relationship.

Could charles have gotten into a fight with mr cooper? He tried to keep me safe from a rage-filled husband.

I had to leave to keep us both safe number.


Only murderers, podcast coming this fall only murder roars in the building.

That's good poppy! That's very good! I wrote that season.

One's shocking finale prepared us for cinda canning's podcast about the arconia three, but we actually got a little preview back in episode four of season one earlier in that episode.

She praises poppy's knack for taglines and assures her that her other skills would catch up.

She's really got the voice down.

Doesn't she and their writing will come and did it ever? It was poppy who came up with the title and, as we learned in the season, 2 finale she's, an all-around master storyteller.

Why does mabel get a podcast because she's pretty because she boldly dated the supposed killer? I do everything for you, although her creative methods did involve the death of an innocent woman, the framing of innocent podcasters and a slew of other consequences, we don't think poppy white, aka, becky butler will be teaching any classes.

I don't normally consider promotions until year, five, but uh yeah.

Let me have a think on it before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions puzzle.

Sweater mabel has a lot of sweaters, but this one makes multiple appearances.

I've been feeling very inspired lately.

Can you inspire me mabel's, yellow hat an affinity for yellow headwear goes back to her childhood.

As I said, it's a lot don't be here.

If you don't like a lot bunny impressions, charles and oliver quote bunny from season one's tim kono memorial.

This won't take long unless you make it take long.

This won't take long unless you make it take long yeah, but we're doing bunny.

Listen to this cheese framing with puzzle, pieces mabel puts the pieces together literally before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.

You have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.

If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications.

Number one clues in the credits make a name for yourself in this city and it can feel like the most sparkling place on earth full of fireworks and excitement.

Only murders and the building fans know not to skip past the opening title sequence and not just because the music is incredibly soothing.

Each episode's credits offer some visual clues in episode.

1, we can see a painting in charles's window like the rose cooper painting he finds in his apartment episode.

2 shows the older woman walking a green bird instead of the usual dog, a nod to the introduction of mrs gambellini, even in death, bunny figures out a way to give you the bird.

Oh, that's a good line in three there's a champagne bottle.

Next to charles, while four shows flip-flops in a tree, it's hard to miss oliver's, groovy, lava lamp in five and the glittery sun.

In six, then there's the puzzle pieces, the blackout, the chicken and the finale fireworks.

Do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from msmojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos? You.


What did Teddy Dimas do to go to jail? ›

A relationship that has been rocky, to say the least, is Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane) and his son, Theo (James Caverly); after both serving time for grave robbing and covering up a murder, they're back at the Arconia, but the two still aren't on the best of terms.

What happened to Teddy Dimas? ›

Teddy was released from jail while he awaited trial, along with Theo. He returned to the Arconia, where he met with Oliver in an elevator.

Why was Bunny killed in Only Murders in the Building? ›

So who actually killed Bunny? Poppy, also known as Becky Butler, actually killed Bunny because she was bitter that she wasn't getting recognition for her ideas.

Is the Arconia a real building? ›

Yes, the Arconia is a real building in New York City. And it's grown massively in popularity since the TV show debuted. Built on farmland in 1908, the Belnord is one of the grandest apartment-style homes on the Upper West Side.

Why did Theo push Zoe? ›

The two became in some sort of a relationship, occasionally running into each other. One night, when Zoe and Theo were on the roof of the Arconia, they got into a fight, causing Theo to accidentally push Zoe, who fell off of the roof to her death.

What happened to Teddy the baby? ›

Kane Mitchell murdered Teddie by striking him against a hard surface and squeezing him and a postmortem showed Teddie died with a fractured skull, broken ribs, and a broken spine. He was just 11 weeks old and died after 10 days of treatment in hospital.

Who is the glitter guy in Only Murders in the Building? ›

And now, finally, at the end of Season 2's episode 8, "Hello Darkness," we know his identity: Glitter Guy is Detective Kreps (Michael Rapaport), one of the detectives working alongside Detective Williams on the Bunny case. Mabel puts two and two together after Kreps shows up at the Arconia after a widespread blackout.

What happened to Alice in Only Murders in the Building? ›

At some point, Alice moved to New York City and opened Third Arm Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Alice contacted Mabel Mora through direct messages on Instagram. She showed interest in Mabel's mural posted on her account and that went viral after Mabel and her podcast mates got arrested for the murder of Bunny Folger.

What happens to Lucy in Only Murders in the Building? ›

It appears the presumed killer has decided to go after Lucy because they know that she is privy to some pertinent information about the night of the murder. She escapes out the secret passage underneath the building, and the killer is right on her tail.

Who killed Mabel? ›

Mabel Greenwood's remains were examined and found to contain 0.25 to 0.5 grains (16 to 32 mg) of arsenic, but no evidence of heart disease. Accordingly, an inquest was held in June 1920 at which the jury returned a unanimous verdict of "murder by arsenical poisoning ... administered by Harold Greenwood".

Why did Alice stab Charles? ›

Alice supposedly confirms she's the killer when she stabs Charles in retaliation for finding her out. Cinda gives Mabel all of the praise that Poppy always wanted, and this was all it took to get Poppy to start spilling her secrets.

Why was Bunny killed in Mabel's apartment? ›

Turns out the murderer was Cinda's assistant, Poppy White, whose real name is Becky Butler (the girl whose murder Cinda supposedly solved in her podcast "All Is Not OK in Oklahoma"). Poppy teamed up with her boyfriend, Detective Kreps, to murder Bunny so she could have a successful podcast.

What is gut milk Only Murders in the Building? ›

Gut Milk is the fictional vanilla-blast flavored supplement and multi-level marketing product featured in Only Murders in the Building. It is sold by Ursula to various residents in the building. Oliver buys some in exchange for information about Tim Kono, as does one of Cinda Canning's minions.

Who lives on the 14th floor of the Arconia? ›

  • Penthouse – Amy Schumer.
  • 14C – Charles-Haden Savage.
  • 14F – Arnav Kapoor.
  • 12E – Mabel Mora.
  • 11th floor - Cassidy family (unknown if they still own it)
  • 10D – Oliver Putnam.
  • 9B – Ndidi Idoko.
  • 3C- Howard Morris.

Is the Arconia really the Dakota? ›

While the Arconia isn't real, the show captures a New York feel — in large part, thanks to the famous filming location and the cast of unique supporting characters who are building residents.

Who killed Tim Kronos? ›

Who killed Tim Kono? The murderer was a woman named Jan, a classical bassoonist who was sleeping with Tim and killed him after they broke up. In order to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, Jan honey-trapped and started dating Charles.

Why did Zoe get mad at Theo? ›

She is also snobby, comparing dating Oscar to dating "the help" in a fit of anger. She was cruel to Theo when he tried to help her, and clearly saw him as inferior to herself. She did not consider him a serious romantic possibility, but enjoyed toying with him.

Is Jan evil in Only Murders in the Building? ›

Jan Bellows (Amy Ryan) is the hidden main villainess from Season One of Hulu's series, Only Murders in the Building.

What happened to Kane Mitchel? ›

Kane Mitchell, 32, of no fixed address but formerly of St Neots, was found guilty of murder and in February was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum tariff of 18 years. Teddie's mother, Lucci Smith, 30, of Pattison Court, St Neots, was found guilty of neglect and handed a community order.

Did Teddy survive the boys? ›

Billy sets off the C4 in an attempt to kill Homesteader, but Teddy is revealed to be safe and 17 miles away from his mother's home in a later episode.

What happened to Lucci Smith? ›

A child safeguarding practice review into Teddie's death is ongoing. In February 2021 Mitchell was jailed for a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of murder, while the boy's mother Lucci Smith was sentenced for cruelty to a child.

Who is the hoodie guy in Only Murders in the Building? ›

Charles and Oliver—aka Steve and Martin—are always looking spiffy. And even the ever-so-mysterious Tie-Dye Guy (played by actor Aaron Dominguez) makes his v simple colorful hoodie look sooo stylish.

Who is in the painting in Only Murders in the Building? ›

She went to leave, but Charles stopped her and asked her about his father, knowing the subject of the painting was his father. Rose said that she'd had an affair with his father.

Who is the deaf character on Only Murders in the Building? ›

James Caverly is known for Only Murders in the Building (2021), Chicago Med (2015) and A Bennett Song Holiday (2020).

How did Alice betray Mabel? ›

Mable is heartbroken and fades out when Alice starts narrating a made-up, pretentious reason for doing the same. Alice betrays her trust and faith, sending her into an existential crisis. Oliver is vexed about the DNA results and comes to stay with Charles to wait for the results.

Was Alice the son of Sam? ›

At this point, the party got real quiet, leaving Alice to explain that she did, in fact, lie about parts of her upbringing as a way to advance her career and impress other people. However, with regard to the game, she was not the "Son of Sam," revealing her card to be one of the "blondes" to Oliver.

Why did Mabel forgive Alice? ›

However, Mabel doesn't even consider that Alice could be a suspect. She forgives Alice for lying about her background.

Is Lucy Brazzo's daughter? ›

She is the daughter of Charles' ex-girlfriend Emma.

What happens to Lucy after she dies? ›

Lucy Westenra's Death: Analysis

The first time she dies, she becomes a vampire. As a vampire, Lucy becomes the exact opposite of the proper Victorian woman. She is a seductress concerned only with feeding her desires, and she doesn't depend on a man to satisfy herself.

Is Brazos a real show? ›

Brazzos is a fictional TV series which appears in Only Murders in the Building. Charles-Haden Savage starred in it as the eponymous detective. The show ran for nine seasons on PBS.

Why did Mabel stab Bunny? ›

She confesses: she wanted to make a podcast about the Rose Cooper (Shirley MacLaine) painting, but Cinda said no one is interested in art, only murder. She killed Bunny to make a better story. Poppy and Detective Kreps are swiftly arrested for their crimes.

Why did Mabel stab that guy? ›

But Theo, who was on the same train the night Mabel stabbed Glitter Guy, confirms that Mabel skewered her attacker in self defense.

Who framed Mabel? ›

Detective Kreps

Kreps is so far confirmed to be "glitter guy," the same man who attacked Mabel and stole evidence linked to Bunny's death. He has also been determined to frame Mabel for Bunny's death, perhaps trying to shift the blame from himself or Cinda onto her.

Why was bunny killed? ›

So who actually killed Bunny? Poppy, also known as Becky Butler, actually killed Bunny because she was bitter that she wasn't getting recognition for her ideas.

Was Alice involved in Emily's kidnapping? ›

Alice would later tell Emily that she did it because of what Dr. Oduwale had done to Emily. However, an attempt to cover up her involvement in the research was undoubtedly more of a motive. Alice denied knowing that Emily was kidnapped when confronted by her.

Who was Charles Nurse that killed people? ›

Charles Edmund Cullen (born February 22, 1960) is an American serial killer. Cullen, a nurse, murdered dozens—possibly hundreds—of patients during a 16-year career spanning several New Jersey medical centers until being arrested in 2003.

Who killed Mr Bunny? ›

Chief Reuben -- the "Paramount Chief", also known as Mr Rabbit -- has been poisoned. On his deathbed he tells his family that "Mr. Henry, Clerk to the Supreme Council" was the one who killed him.

Who is bunnies mom in murders in the building? ›

When Shirley MacLaine was first introduced as Bunny's mother Leonora in Episode 2, she told Charles that his father — the man in Rose's painting — was an adulterer; in the mid-1950s, he worked both sides of the street, juggling affairs with Leonora and Rose.

What happened to Mabel's dad? ›

A series of flashbacks reveal that Mabel's father — played by All My Children and Riverdale alum Mark Consuelos — died when she was 7. “They didn't tell me what was really happening. They wanted to protect me,” she says. “They said he had to move out for work.

What is the drink in Only Murders in the Building? ›

Her entry in Only Murders in the Building – idly wondering who killed her daughter, then asking for a Cocotini and complaining when someone hands her a chocolate syrup concoction instead of a coconut cocktail – adds a layer to a story that has already derived much of its humour from generational interplay.

What bakery is mentioned in Only Murders in the Building? ›

The Eclair Bakery—a mitteleuropean-style coffee house on West 72nd Street—became famous for its guestbook, where newly arrived refugees would sign their names and look frantically for those of friends who'd made it out.

What wine do they drink in Only Murders in the Building? ›

And, to pair with the unlikely trio of podcasters and detectives, an awesome wine from Chronic Cellars in Paso Robles, The Unteachables ($35).

How much would the Arconia cost? ›

You, too, can live in the Belnord; as of this writing, there are multiple apartments for sale in the famous building, ranging in price from $4.15 million to $8.35 million and one rental of a 12 (yes, 12!!) bedroom apartment is available for $30,000 a month.

What kind of bird is Mrs Gambolini? ›

Gambolini is a yellow-headed amazon parrot owned by Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building.

How old is Lucy in Only Murders in the Building? ›

Lucy is the 7-year-old daughter of Charles' ex-girlfriend, Emma. When the 6-year relationship got more serious, Lucy and Emma moved into Charles' apartment at the Arconia.

How does Mabel afford her apartment? ›

We later find out that Mabel's aunt owns the apartment and she can live there only because she promised to renovate it—which she does.

Who owns the Belnord? ›

Property Markets Group and Gary Barnett bought the Belnord in 1994, and Barnett spent over $100 million on renovations. Barnett's Extell Development Company sold the apartments in 2015 to the HFZ Capital Group, which converted many apartments to condominium units starting in 2017.

Does the Arconia have secret passageways? ›

There is very little chance that the corridors are dotted with secret passages that allow you to discreetly go from one apartment to another, but there is an underground parking lot that is little known to the building's inhabitants.

What did Dimas do in only murders? ›

The Gang Solved Not Just One But Two Murders

The Dimas men were seen on camera outside the building before the fire alarm that signaled Tim's death even went off. They were found guilty of another crime though–the murder of Mabel's friend Zoe (Olivia Reis) and the subsequent framing of Oscar (Aaron Dominguez).

Why did Oliver go to jail in Only Murders in the Building? ›

Charles and Oliver get a mysterious text that tells them to leave the building, and so they frantically search for Mabel, who they find over of the body of the Arconia board president, Bunny Folger. The three are promptly arrested, and the series finale comes to a close.

Who was Teddy Bunny serial killer? ›

Ted Bundy, in full Theodore Robert Bundy, (born November 24, 1946, Burlington, Vermont, U.S.—died January 24, 1989, Starke, Florida), American serial killer and rapist, one of the most notorious criminals of the late 20th century.

Who killed Mabel's friend in Only Murders in the Building? ›

It was Theo who killed Zoe—accidentally—by pushing her off the roof of the Arconia. Tim witnessed the accident, and Teddy threatened him into silence.

Is Mabel the killer in Only Murders in the Building? ›

As she sneezes her way through a rant about how she deserved one over Mabel, the truth finally comes out… she was the killer. After seducing Detective Kreps (Michael Rapaport), the pair had orchestrated a murder plan to kill someone off, pin it on Cinda, and both reap the benefits of catching her.

Is Theo really deaf in Only Murders in the Building? ›

Theo is also deaf. So is the actor who portrays him, James Caverly, who prefers the term Deaf for himself, the capital "D" relating to identity. And his role in "Only Murders" is anything but minor. It's also a role he had a part in creating.

Who poisoned Howard's cat? ›

Evelyn was poisoned after licking Tim Kono's blood, which contained a lethal dose of secobarbitol, off the floor of his apartment. Howard preserved Evelyn's body in his freezer until Charles knocked it out by mistake when trying to find ice for Howard. He accidentally broke off her leg, which he stuffed in his pocket.

Is Oliver's son his? ›

He was then told to go play with his toys inside the house. Unknown to him, his mother and Oliver got into an argument as Oliver had found out that William was his son.

Who killed Mr Oliver? ›

However, in the wake of the Stakeknife case it began to be suspected that Freddie Scappaticci – who ran the IRA's Internal Security Unit, which was responsible for torturing and killing Thomas Oliver – killed Oliver to conceal his identity as a double agent.

Who killed Zoe? ›

Theo was the reason Zoe is dead

Oscar might have been the one in prison for years, but he wasn't the one who caused Zoe to die. That was Theo (James Caverly): He pushed Zoe, and she fell to her death. But due to his dad Teddy Dimas' (Nathan Lane) money and power, he was able to keep it under the wraps for years.

What did David Parker Ray do to Cynthia? ›

There, Ray fitted Vigil-Jaramillo with a dog collar and padlock, then chained her to a medical-looking table. He then tortured and raped her for three days, with help from his girlfriend, Cindy Hendy.

What happened to Cindy Hendy? ›

He is also suspected to have killed dozens of his victims. He died in 2002 in prison. Hendy now lives in Hamilton after serving 18 years in New Mexico for her involvement. Hamilton community members expressed frustration and worry on social media about having Hendy live close to a local school.

Who was the cheeseburger serial killer? ›

Joseph Roy Metheny (March 2, 1955 – August 5, 2017) was an American serial killer and rapist from the Baltimore, Maryland area. While he claimed to have killed 13 people, sufficient evidence was only found to convict him of two murders.

Who is Angel in Only Murders in the Building? ›

Angel is a jewelry firm which sells jewels stolen from dead bodies. It was named after Teddy Dimas' grandmother - Evangelina. In the episode Fan Fiction, Angel is exposed by Charles, Oliver, and Mabel and Teddy gets arrested.

What happened to the dog in Only Murders in the Building? ›

In Season 1, Episode 3, Oliver returned to his apartment to find that his beloved bulldog had ingested a toxic substance. Winnie survived, but the attempted dog murderer was never exposed.

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