The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers, Plot & More (2023)

The Detective Is Already Dead, also known as Tanmoshi, is a light novel series and debut work by Nigojū, which has been published in Japan by Media Factory’s MF Bunko J since November 2019 and belongs to the fantasy genre. The light novel follows high school student Kimihiko Kimizuka, who was detective Siesta’s assistant for three years and tries to return to normal life after her death. A manga adaptation has also been published by Media Factory since May 2020. In July 2021, an anime television series started airing on Japanese television. In this article, we are going to tell you everything we know about the upcoming second season of The Detective Is Already Dead.

The second cour (season) of The Detective Is Already Dead has been officially confirmed in July 2022 with no official airing date as of yet. The first season ended just recently, in September 2021, so an announcement of a sequel arrived rather quickly as we can look forward to more episodes of The Detective Is Already Dead. The only “problem” we have at this point is that we don’t know the exact date of the premiere, but we do know that it’s coming.

The rest of this article is going to bring you all the known and unknown information related to the upcoming season two of The Detective Is Already Dead. You’re going to find out about its release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, the basic cast information, and much more about this intriguing anime series.

The Detective Is Already Dead season 2 release date

The series is written by Nigojū and illustrated by Umibōzu. In Japan, seven volumes have been published by Media Factory since November 2019. A manga adaptation of the first volume of the light novel, illustrated by Mugiko has been launched in Media Factory’s seinen manga preprint magazine Monthly Comic Alive since May 20205.

A second series titled The Detective Is Already Dead: The Lost Memory picks up the second volume of the light novel. It is illustrated by Poni and has been launched in Monthly Comic Alive magazine on January 27, 2021. An anime adaptation was announced on January 20, 2021.

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers, Plot & More (1)

The series was animated by studio ENGI and directed by Manabu Kurihara, with Deko Akao serving as the screenwriter. Yōsuke Itō designed the characters and Yuuyu, Naoki Tani, and Tatsuya Yano composed the music for the series. The first episode aired on July 4, 2021 on Japan’s AT-X channel, along with a one-hour special. The series aired from July 4, 2021 to September 19, 2021 on AT-X and other Japanese channels. Mary × jon-Yakitory performed the opening credits titled “Koko de Ikiteru.”, while Kagura Nana perform the ending credits titled “Kodō”.

So, what does all of this tell us about a second season? Well, it goes to show that the series is quite popular and that there is more material to adapt, i.e., that there is demand for more content. This bore fruit in July 2022, when it was officially confirmed that The Detective Is Already Dead would be getting a second anime season. No additional information has been provided as of yet, but is going to follow soon, we’re certain. We now know that The Detective Is Already Dead is going to return and we’ll just have to wait a bit to find out when.

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The Detective Is Already Dead season 2 trailer

You now know all the facts and our thoughts related to The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2, so you’ve probably thought that there is no trailer for the second season of The Detective Is Already Dead, but the producers have surprised us. Namely, it is not usual practice for a trailer of any kind (save for a short teaser in some cases) to appear so quickly after the announcement, unless it’s some big pre-planned project.

But, the producers of The Detective Is Already Dead have surprised us – pleasantly – once again and have provided us with a solid PV teaser trailer for the upcoming second season. You can check it out here:

We still don’t know when the second season of The Detective Is Already Dead is going to air, but more information is sure to follow so don’t forget to follow up on our page here at Fiction Horizon, as we are going to update this article once more content arrives.

The Detective Is Already Dead season 2 plot and spoilers

At this moment, we do not know where the second season of The Detective Is Already Dead could take us because we don’t know how many volumes of the light novel the season could potentially adapt. Namely, due to a lack of information in general, we have absolutely no clue how far the second season might go when it premieres. What follows is an overview of the source material which is going to reveal what could be adapted in a potential second season.

Four years ago, middle school student Kimihiko Kimizuku, who has the talent of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and has therefore often witnessed crimes, was kidnapped by unknown persons and tasked with boarding a plane with a mysterious suitcase and apparently throwing it into the plane to bring abroad.

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers, Plot & More (2)

It turns out that the plane was hijacked by an agent of the secret organization SPES, whose members use magical objects called Homunculus. Coincidentally, next to Kimihiko is the master detective Siesta, who draws the student into the case and tries to free the plane.

During the liberation action, the contents of the ominous suitcase that the student was originally supposed to hand over abroad are used: a magic rifle, the bullets of which were made from the detective’s blood. It turns out that Kimizuka’s kidnapping was orchestrated by Siesta himself to avert the hijacking.

Her multiple requests to Kimihiko to become her assistant are rejected by him at the beginning, but after another solved case, she agrees and accompanies the mysterious woman in further cases as her assistant. Together, the two experienced a wide variety of sometimes dangerous adventures. A year after Siesta’s death, Kimihiko, who is now in high school, tries to lead a normal life. One day, the girl Nagisa enters Kimihiko’s life with a request to take on a new case.

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The Detective Is Already Dead season 2 cast

The main cast of The Detective Is Already Dead won’t be going through many changes, at least not as far as we know. Some new characters will be introduced, that is certain, but the main cast will remain – for the most part – unchanged until the very end (of the first series, at least). This is why we think that the main voice cast, since that is an unwritten rule in modern-day anime adaptations, will return for the second season, but also for all potential future seasons. Here is a list of cast members you can expect to see in the second season:

  • Kimihiko Kimizuka, voiced by Shin Nagai
    An 18-year-old high school student with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing many crimes in the past and even later being questioned by the police as a suspect himself. This talent, which he himself describes as a “trouble magnet”, apparently also led to a meeting with the master detective Siesta, who wanted to win him over as her assistant, which he initially rejected due to his trait of always ending up in unpleasant situations.
  • Siesta, voiced by Saki Miyashita
    A mysterious woman and self-proclaimed “master detective” who possesses a musket and seven items with magical abilities. Her motto is to solve criminal cases before they happen. Until her death, Siesta was a member of the Twelve Tuners, a loose organization of twelve people dedicated to saving the world from chaos. Originally, Siesta was just a supporting character in the series.
  • Nagisa Natsunagi, voiced by Ayana Taketatsu
    She is a 17-year-old high school student. She was the first client who asked Kimihiko Kimizuka for her services as a Detective after Siesta’s death to look for someone. A year before the main story takes place, Nagisa receives a heart transplant from an unknown donor. It is revealed that Nagisa has an alter ego named Hel (voiced by Yumiri Hanamori) with a ruthless personality, which was born because of Nagisa’s suffering, since he was a SPES test subject. Hel “sealed” Nagisa’s personality and took control of her body to protect her. Hel poses as a girl named Alicia (voiced by Maria Naganawa) to gain Kimihiko’s trust, telling him that she is a detective. She “killed” Siesta by ripping out her heart and putting it in her body, but it was all planned by Siesta since she put her conscience in her heart, and Hel by taking it and putting it in her body Siesta’s conscience attacked Hel sealing her together with her and therefore Nagisa’s consciousness returns to her body.
  • Yui Saikawa, voiced by Kanon Takao
    A middle school student who is already a successful idol by the age of 14 and is a regular in magazines and commercials. She tasks Kimihiko and Nagisa with protecting her and an heirloom from a thief. Although Yui is the youngest character in the series at 14, she is considered the most mature character.
  • Charlotte Arisaka Anderson, voiced by Saho Shirasu
    A 17-year-old assassin originally set to assassinate Siesta. But after losing a fight to Siesta, Charlotte began to idolize her. She is half-Japanese with US roots. She becomes Fūbi Kase’s assistant.
  • Bat, voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
    Bat is a former antagonist of the series. He was a member of the secret organization SPES and was behind the plane hijacking but was caught by Siesta and Kimihiko and defeated in a fight. Bat is a liar and a coward who only acts on his own whim.
  • Chameleon, voiced by Takehito Koyasu
    A member of the secret organization SPES. He has the ability to transform into a chameleon, hence his name. In his human form, he has white hair and purple eyes. In his chameleon form, he is significantly larger, has sharp teeth, and takes on a fearsome appearance.
  • Cerberus, voiced by Jouji Nakata
    A member of the secret organization SPES and an android who also has genes from a Kerberos and a werewolf. He’s Hel’s minder. Like Chameleon, he has the ability to take on another form – that of a werewolf. He’s smart, but follows his primitive instincts.
  • Fūbi Kase, voiced by Mai Fuchigami
    A police superintendent who has met Kimihiko several times. She is particularly skeptical of him because of his talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Where to watch The Detective Is Already Dead season 2?

The first season of the show was available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Since these two services usually stream anime, there is no doubt that they will offer the second season for their viewers as well. We just don’t know whether the dub will be released simultaneously or not, but we think that it will.

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Will there be a The Detective Is Already Dead season 3?

The future of The Detective Is Already Dead is, as of this moment, unknown. At this moment, we don’t really know anything about a third season, so whether we’ll actually see it or not is, at this moment, still unknown. The series has done well and there is still a lot of material to adapt, which is a good sign for fans of The Detective Is Already Dead, but we are going to have to wait and see how the situation with the second cour evolves to know more about a potential season three, although it is likely based on what we know now.

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