Royal Princess Embarkation Process At Pier 91 In Seattle May 6th 2023 (2023)


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Royal Princess Embarkation Process At Pier 91 In Seattle As We Disembark The Beautiful Eurodam And Board The Royal Princess. We Encounter No Porters Curbside At The Port For Princess Which Contributed To Long Lines Waiting To Get Into The Port. Holland America Had A Very Organized Set Up At The Port Which Included Porters Curbside To Check Your Bags. We Were Delayed Getting Onboard Due To Customs Enhanced Screening Of Departing Passengers From The Royal Princess 3 Day Repositioning Cruise From Vancouver To Seattle. We Were Finally Onboard The Royal Princess At 12:45 PM We Hope You Enjoy Our Rant Video 😀😀😀 Thank You For Watching


Foreign we're in the Crow's Nest this morning, guess where we're going right after this I'll turn you around here.

Any guesses here we go there we go princess, is going to be our home away from home for the next seven days, thanks for watching we'll, probably I'll probably lose weight over there, because the food's just not as good thanks for watching deck two and we have to walk.

Thank you bye-bye.

Thank you.

Thank you.

So much so we're all we're all uh packed up ready to move from the Euro Dam over to the royal princess got our tags here.

We're all set all right, swap their tags over to princess.

It's Saturday I like how they put the carpet in the elevators very nice.

It's been a great Cruise.

You got your car there right.

It's been a great Cruise thanks for watching joining us and cruising with us to buy artwork goodbye, artwork goodbye chef, it's a nice send-off, very nice.

Here's another quick, look at the Euro Dam thanks for cruising with us and we'll see after we clear Customs on the outside of the terminal.

Oh yes, get out of the terminal we're back on time in Seattle.

Here, roll princess is right here.

Euro dams right there around here, waiting over there anyway, so we've been waiting out here here.


all in America is very organized here and the princess is disorganized, so they don't have anybody to take the bag, so we're lined up way out.

There see the line Scotty's already in line over there, gonna be on the boat before me, because nobody showed up to take the bags to check the bags in.

So no Porter showed up only all in America that we just got off so they're very organized for whatever reason, Pier 91 princess you got to do better than this.

It's ridiculous just my perspective.

Thanks for watching we'll, let you know what happens with the bag Saga, so we're in this long line back here, but the bags the line goes all the way back nobody's available to take the bags yet princess.

All in America is very organized.

They just took the bags so very organized.

Unfortunately, princess dropped.

The ball that is my rant.

I can't blame the port because all in America executed offloading and loading the ship right now.

Actually, passengers are already going to the terminal, but we're stuck at the starting point here anyway: kind of disappointed with Princess right now with their boarding process up here, 91.

in Seattle anyway.

So I don't understand so we're dragging the bags around here anyway.

Nobody nobody's available curbside.

So it's all.

You have to drag.

Take your bag inside and nobody's saying that, but all in America was organized, but for whatever reason, princess I don't know so confusing.

We met several viewers outside in the line got to know alone.

I was over there because there's a lot of older people and they're having a hard time wrestling with the bags, so you're lying.

It's just everybody's in Holland in order to get in yeah all in America is all in America is pretty much boarded up.

There are everybody's on the boat.

Already all in America got everything set up out there.

They offloaded everybody loaded everybody before it's so so organized in Holland, America and there's nobody to take the back.

So we gotta take our bags here, but I don't know if we have to stand back in line I, don't know how they're doing it.

So let me turn you around here: I, don't I, don't know what to tell you.

It is crazy, crazy in Seattle.

Thank you all right.

Let's hang out here how come they never had any hearts for a princess only Hall in America Well.

Normally it would be the difference with that too, but today there's issues with the pollen, America and customers.

So normally both it's going to be home in America got the service because princess didn't they normally wouldn't have service, but to have an issue that we can't bring the bags okay.

Can you check these two inches yeah? You just stay in this line and just drop them off at the building.

Oh, you don't take the bat, so we have to take our bags in so we got to stand in line until we get to the search equipment and then we got to drop our bag and we have to get out of line and go back in line to go through the Personnel search equipment to get on the boat.

What a pain, I, don't know what happened it looks like calling America is all set, yeah, not princess.

It really is all in America, nice and smooth over there, I don't know yeah you may have to make some changes to which Cruise Line we're going to start using yeah.

Just our perspective, these people here behind me, are waiting to clear Customs off the royal princess.

Still so I don't know.

What's going on honestly other than it's chaos in Seattle.

Here we go.

Finally, it's been nice.

We could have done this curse.

All these people are waiting to bring their bags in so they could be scanned and loaded onto the boat.

Thank you, I'm sorry, Which, Way, Zig and zag we're getting closer.

We just cleared security now we're getting checked in thanks for getting our medallions to home turn you around here.

Well, we made it.

Finally, we got to the cruise terminal all checked in, and the elite Lounge did I miss you before I start again.

Well, we got checked in believe it or not we're in the elite lounge, and they have some.

They have some nice things set up in here: coffee juice, Journey around here coffee juice and some pastries.

So there was no one available to take your bag, so we had to drop our bags all the way inside were Customs.

Cbp is so nobody curbside, so we had to wrestle with our bags.

Everybody stood in line, so that's not very convenient I, don't know if it's princess's fault or hauling America, all in America made it just fine.

They were able to get their bags checked in curbside on the car cart service and for whatever reason there was no cart service princess.

So everybody had to wrestle with the heavy bags.

That's not a not a good thing and that just took a lot of extra time.

So I don't know what happened to all the carts they were using.

We call an American, they were, they were very efficient, getting on and off anyway, just our rent thanks for watching we'll, let you know when we get on board well we're in the port in the pier here in the elite lounge, and we saw people coming off the boat for myself.

So I don't know if there was a custom snafu, but anyway, we're delayed another two hours before we get on, but I'm going to show you film out here and show you the end terminal part here spiny around here see what what the terminal looks like foreign anyway, we'll let you know we'll let you know how it goes well looks like we're: getting ready, we're getting lined up to go on board and what time is it now? 12, 30, 12 30., so anyway bring this once we once we start moving before uh.

This has been a very disarray embarkation process in Seattle, but I can't say that it supports the problem or ports fault because hauling America that we just sailed on and just got off today, smooth I, don't know princess.

You got to do better than this all righty yeah.

Finally, starting to move.

What is it 12 point: 12, 45 yeah.

This is the worst embarkation process that we've ever done and 23 Princess Cruises and we're gonna have to I think we're going to reevaluate who we sail with just our perspective.

I just checked in with security and we're going up the Gangplank here getting on the royal princess, I'm gonna need a cocktail or two after this happy about it.

Yeah princess kept blaming Customs but I, don't know, I we're at the same port with the same people, customs and Holland America was smooth.

It was very smooth both getting on and off the ship.

So you don't know if I find out more detailed information.

I will try to get that and get that out for you.

But the end result is chaos.


Thank you, hello, foreign.

This can be less drafty over here forever.

Well, yeah.

This is fine.

Last time we sat over there are you already covered full monty? It didn't.

Take you long to find a place to sit hello, okay, ah, watch the monster station again what a pain to get off anyway.

We're here we're recruiters, so we got out in about 12 45 p.m.

So, finally, yeah we're watching our mustard mustard, video right here and then Scotty went to go visit muster station, a which is the theater yeah, we'll come back.

It'll register that he's already checked in then I'll check in next, and this is we were sitting at crooners with crooners is drafty because they have both doors open.

That's where everybody comes in, so I decided to relocate over here and we'll probably order a cocktail.

A welcome aboard cocktail, crooners princess style, glad to be on board that embarkation process was.

That was a bear, the worst one out of 23 cruises.

So I, don't know what to say about that, but I guess it could be.

It could be worse but we're on board.

That's the main thing we'll bring out more videos to you, thanks for watching thanks for cruising with us.

Thank you for listening to our rat, see on the next video bye-bye.


Where do I board my Princess cruise in Seattle? ›

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 serves as homeport for Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

What time do you board a cruise ship Princess? ›

Princess Cruise boarding times essentially have the same process as most other cruises mentioned - you have a three to four hour window to board, typically between 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., but the specific window will be given in your cruise documents to ensure arrival at the correct time.

What does water shuttle required mean? ›

At certain ports of call, our ships anchor at sea and complimentary water shuttle service is required to transport guests between the ship and shore. Guests should keep this in mind when planning activities ashore.

What time are the shows on Princess ships? ›

The times vary slightly ship-to-ship but usually Princess Cruises theatre shows are shown twice each evening. This can be for example, 8pm and 10pm or 7.30pm and 9.30pm. Show times will be available to view in advance of your cruise using the Medallion app. My advice is to arrive around 30 minutes early for a show.

Who gets priority boarding on Princess Cruises? ›

They'll let priority people in first, then separate by priority, ie Elite, Platinum, Suites, Club Class. Boarding will be in order of arrival, usually Elites and Suites, then Platinum and Club Class, then everyone else.

Which cruise terminal does Princess use? ›

It is usually Ocean Terminal. But in any case, when you go into your Cruise Personaliser online and print out your boarding pass and other information, it will show you the details of the terminal and berth number.

How early can I board my cruise ship? ›

However, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect the earliest embarkation time to be four to five hours before sailing. As most cruise lines leave port at around 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm, in most cases, you can anticipate the earliest time you can board to be at around noon.

Can I wear jeans on Princess cruise ship? ›

Princess Cruise Line

Princess has both smart casual and formal dress codes for evening dining. Smart casual options include casual dresses and skirts, or pants and a nice top. Nice jeans (clean and not torn) are permitted in Princess' main dining room and specialty restaurants on smart casual evenings.

How do you get early boarding on a cruise? ›

Pay up for priority access. Many cruise lines allow you to pay a little extra for priority access to the ship. The concept is simple: pay a few bucks and skip the lines. These programs often offer other perks as well that are usually only reserved for suite passengers.

What does water shuttle required mean on Princess Cruises? ›

A water shuttle on a Princess cruise means that you need to take a small boat (“water shuttle”) from the cruise ship to land. A water shuttle cruise port is a tender port. On Princess cruise itineraries, you will see tender cruise ports listed as “water shuttle required.”

Can you stay on the cruise on port Day? ›

You can stay on the cruise ship when in port. In fact, it's a pro cruiser “secret” to let others get off the cruise ship, while they enjoy a quiet and less crowded day onboard!

What is tender required on a cruise? ›

Tendering is the process in which a cruise ship anchors offshore and smaller boats are used to transport passengers from the ship to shore. If there is no pier that can accommodate a cruise ship's size in a particular port, tendering is required. The boats used for tendering are typically the ship's lifeboats.

Is there a formal night on Princess Cruises? ›

Number of Princes Cruises Formal Nights: Five- to six-night cruises have one formal evening; seven- to 13-night cruises have two; 14- to 20-night cruises have three; 21- to 28-night cruises have four; and cruises of 29 nights or more have a minimum of five.

What is the average age of passengers on Princess Cruises? ›

Princess appeals to an older demographic than lines such as Carnival and Norwegian. The average age of passengers is around 57, and you'll usually see a lot of couples on board in their 50s, 60s and 70s. As noted above, these aren't people necessarily craving go-kart tracks and ropes courses at sea.

Does Royal Princess have a movie theater? ›

Royal Princess features the largest version of Princess' signature Movies Under the Stars poolside theater. The big screen shows a variety of movies and concerts, day and night.

Where does Princess Cruise depart? ›

Book Princess Cruises

New York City, Vancouver, Venice, and Los Angeles are some of the popular destinations where their ships embark. In addition to sailing from Japanese ports like Kobe and Chilean ports like Valparaiso, they also offer cruises that sail from smaller, more exotic ports.

How many cruise terminals are there in Seattle? ›

The Port of Seattle operates two cruise terminals, one downtown and one northwest of downtown. Seven major lines homeport in Seattle for the Alaska sailing season (April through October) with additional itineraries embarking for the West Coast, Hawaii, Asia and Panama Canal.

How do you board on a cruise ship? ›

How do I actually get onto the ship? Once you have checked in and have your cruise card, you will either follow signs and staff members to board your ship right away, or you'll be directed to a waiting area with instructions on when to board.

How do I get to Pier 91 from airport? ›

Premier Airport Shuttle Seattle

Premier Airport Shuttle provides Seattle cruise shuttle services departing from SEA Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and nearby hotels, to and from the cruise ship terminals at Pier 66 and Pier 91. Prices are $28–33 per person one-way or $56-66 per person round-trip.

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