IS NAGISA REALLY HEL?!?!😲 | The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 10 REACTION [探偵はもう、死んでいる 10話] (2023)


That's Why I Can't Become a Detective | Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. Episode 10 REACTION
だから俺は、探偵にはなれない | 探偵はもう、死んでいる 第10話 リアクション
偵探已經,死了 第10集 | 動漫反應
La detective está muerta réaction de l'épisode 10
Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru CAPITULO 10 Reacción
Thám tử đã chết Tập 10
탐정은 이미 죽었다 10화
นักสืบตายแล้ว ตอนที่ 10

"Let's go to the sea together, that's what Kimizuka and Natsunagi promised, but due to the difference of scale between Yui and them, they were invited to a luxurious cruise trip instead. The three of them were enjoying the cruise, but suddenly, Charl, who was Kimizuka's ally, appeared. Charl was investigating Siesta's inheritance that's lying somewhere in the ship. The next day, a bone chilling announcement was echoing inside the ship"

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Episode, 10, of course, so we're now down to the final three episode everyone.

So, oh my god, this part three episode, I'm just hoping just hoping there is a chance that siesta is just not dead man, because last episode was a painful episode, because you know siesta is well presumed dead because well you know her heart got taken out by hell, which you know now.

I have a theory the fact that nagisa is hell herself man because dude.

If I actually think about it, though black hair and similar face, look and stuff like that, and although the body size is a bit like a bit too busty for hell, but you can say there's a chance that nagisa could be hell or could be also eagle of hell, but we should see man.

Today's episode could be the chance we finally exposed, who nagisa really is so? Oh, my god, man last episode was just so painful to watch man, although, like I said guys, there's a chance that siesta could be alive or could not be allowed.

I mean if you have her as a main character, there's no way it's just going to kill her off course, so yeah, let's just see for yourself, because although I gotta say, though, the death scene from siesta is the meme paradise again for the theater community.

So let's just put it out there, man anytime, we got a new episode.

We're gonna see some meme from this episode, so yeah without the way to this episode is back to the future.

I guess where we get to focus on charlotte and the gang going to the island where it all happened again and well.

This time maybe expose who you know nagisa really is what we should see.

Of course.

So let's see how to this episode goes.

So with that said, let's get direction.

Shall we okay, let's get started? Shall we so, let's see how they deal with the situation now, when they're now going on this cruise ship and heading to some place now and let's go I'm pretty sure this is going to be nakita focus arc now yeah.

This is going to be naked.

Focus episode, oh, should say arc, because it's because you know nagisa has now been sucked to be hell because of her looks.

She have the heart of siesta so yeah.

How? How can we nothing she's, not hell um yeah.

I know right, that's what uv detector is all about man- oh, oh, oh, so she's talking with siesta in the dream world.

Of course they shared the same heart after all, huh, of course, man who has kimi ha ha, I'm pretty sure, they're fighting over kimi and stuff.

Like that, okay huh, I guess typical.

You cannot win against nagista.

Oh wait, yo.

What? What was that siesta? No, that must be an illusion right.

That has to be an illusion that has to be an illusion.

What the [ __ ] wow I mean that could be like a fresh memory dude the eyes staring at her, though like she's the next target or something like the bunny eye.

I can't become a detective.

Why can't I become a detective because you have she has a heart: that's called cheating, but what? But what? Oh, hey she's tagging along? He tagged: the law wow! Okay, oh, do we have an idol girl talking a lot we have my girl creamy coming along.

I mean this is one big cruise ship by the way hello he's taking a long man.

No, she has the same twin tail.

That was kurumi too hey.

Thank you, um okay, I mean can dado.

Can she, though, can she, though I mean you, know, species actually quite strong? You know that wow something's gonna happen man, you just changed it, hey charlotte since that day, yo that day, when you know just to die yeah, I know, and I lie you hate each other.

Remember you guys hate each other best.

Oh no, don't tell me especially it's on the ship or something oh ho ho ho I mean he is technically taking over a job.

Anyways oh, never mind.

I will yeah.

I am the detective.

I have css heart after all, yep you're, the one that has a heart: oh low, low, she's, not having it man she's not have it she's, not having it man, but you know she's willing to do it.

She's, not gonna, just throw it away.

Uh-Huh, I mean good for you, I guess we have fun.

Yes, that's hard! Okay, you as you like huh wow.

I mean she.

Of course she doesn't respect them as much as she's, respecting siesta.

They're typical yeah, see what I mean see what I mean you take hard time to break her down like that.

It's fine man, it's fine! What what? What's going on dress? You feel the pressure.

Oh, what she's angry! Oh she's, angry hello, typical man, good ayanna scream, is the perfect man.

You did so many for many of the girls character in harum and she did it for her.

So that's amazing for ayanna! Oh here we go casino.

I saw the thumbnail for this.

Oh she's, losing it right, she's, losing it long, 17th consecutive loss, man, her luck is not a lucky day.

Man, oh ouch, you've been told off.

Man, you've been told off.

I guess: hey, okay, really, really, there's an inheritance in the ship really! Now! No, no! Oh, my god! This girl man, this girl, seriously seriously man hello.

Why? Because his assistant he's not interested, and she that's only like the there's.

The difference in skill, to be honest, that's why you cannot be a detective there.

We go.

I always be her huh.

What's with the very sad bgm for this scene right here seriously, I mean you can say it's a very enlightening thing that they can do this to fight her inheritance to take on her will here, I guess: hey mizuki, so you go to a bar huh, oh you're, just going to scout around the ship before the inheritance, french, restaurant wow.

What a nice name for the restaurant, french, restaurant! Oh, oh, wait he's on a date, no he's on a date with.

Oh, my god, hey hmm, investigate the ship.

That's what he's been doing? Oh you wonder you what she wanted to see it! She wants him to see it.

Okay, mm-hmm! Well, I guess I had to go somewhere else, maybe outside alone, oh bar sure that worked.

I guess that works yeah.

I know like a date yeah the blood.

Let's go blush, oh and she can wear something nice.

I guess yeah.

That is one nice.

Looking outfit man, there is one nice looking outfit hello, hello, dude! She just she tried to smooth, really eat me man.

She tried to smooth it out with kimmy um.

What is back man she's, a cinderella man.

She misunderstood the situation.

She started taking like a date.

Oh my god.

That's typical nike! So I ain't now character.

Like I said, are you sure? Are you not having some memory blocked at your health? Maybe that's what the heart tells you to you do? Okay, right I mean.

Could that be a false memory? Could that be a flattened memory? Or could that be like her past before that thing happened? Wow what'd, you expect man, hmm wow.

Okay seems like we have a very deep story for nike style.

Already I mean you got a few for him, although her story is kind of sus.

Oh nice, comfort, bed.

By the way this bed looks very comfortable.

Oh oh [, __ ].

What, with this announcement, the [ __ ] the hell, what the the broadcast so creepy, though oh oh nagisa, oh [, __ ]! Here we go here.

We go man, oh boy, so it's best this year.

I guess that's this year, man, oh sherlock.

What what's going on a message, a message? Okay, meet me there and we'll have a discussion, haha yeah, who else could be oh time to use my eye? Hey activate! Is that you love that you have to tweet, I mean main deck could be like the front of ship or something they have a cinema.

Here too, a theater wow, oh, my god seems like he's.

Gonna be a mouse game.

Man, oh okay, okay, right! Let it go, let it go wow.

So what are you doing? Oh this is her routine to remain calm, okay, right so just having to be like less stress and just focus think carefully or something no expectation from him.

Man, oh boy, that is the pain man! That's the pain man mm-hmm I mean yeah.

I mean they saved you with the talk, no jutsu.

What do you expect man? The whole top note you see was so weird as hell.

Okay, oh my god geez.

Is that supposed to be a comfort word or something? What kind of what do you mean kind of friends? Are you guys afraid of what those friends I wouldn't be kind of friends seriously? Okay, I'll be your assistant of your assistant of your assistant? Oh, I don't care what's going on any moment.

This is just weird as hell, oh, my god, right so I'll, be your assistant and now of your assistant to this the main detective like oh, my god, man.

She just want to be close with kimi, because you know she.

You can say that she has some interesting feelings for kimi man, the deck, the main deck and our war.

Okay, and all our war like where at the front of the deck or something like in all, since you have near it in all situations man.

So where is he chameleon? Oh what no ways? Oh there, it is yo what the hell is she getting some some tentacle treatment? Was she the one thing also like captured like uh I'll shout to oh boy, man? Oh my god, I can't believe she's getting the tentacle treatment seriously.

Yeah, that's not happening man! Oh oh ho, ho ho! Well, what are you gonna do fight it out with a gun typical.

I guess yes he's just here looking for cs inheritance, what I don't know why it felt a bit too easy that you got captured like that as a detective.

Oh, oh! What? But this whole ship has a bomb or something you ask him to choose really now, but what's so cliche situation like you signed the ship wow, oh my god, jesus christ, man yeah, why her life? Exactly? Maybe because of you connection with you, oh yeah, because she has the blood of siesta.

I hate it.

They hated csl! So yeah, oh, my god, man seriously! This is the one hell of a bargain man.

That's one hell of a bargain right! There shoot me! Oh what? Oh, my god yo you want him to kill you um and what detective logic, oh, my god, so the typical detective way I'll say, kill me save the ship wow.

I feel so happy of course, of course mess.

I already got.

Oh, oh! What siesta yo is this dead man? Is this different nagisa? Hmm, uh-huh, okay, okay, okay, so in other words here and find a way to save all of them.

What I'm saving nagisa oh won't die before me, hey, but that's our promise.

I'm gonna save you naked.

Okay, I will save nagista.

I will not make the same mistake again, not able to save siesta.


Isn't that romantic man I mean I gotta, say this situation right here is, I don't know if I'll be cliche, though, because I've seen situation like this, oh yeah, don't mind me, just kill me and save everyone.

That is the sort of situation to see from the situation, but I mean knowing chameleon though he just he killed and all of them anyways.

If you cannot find the inheritance, so yeah I mean nagisa can be saved regardless, I mean knowing the situation.

He keep me going to do something very heroic.

Next episode I mean shooting camille.

Chameleon is one of it, though, but I'm pretty sure he could dive and save nagisa, but I mean sure this episode is kind of like very slow.

You know what I mean more like a build up, though, for this final arc of the season, because we're now down to the next episode we're down to the final two episodes.

So yeah this final two episodes.

I really do wonder: how would it go about to end the season? I'm like nagisa, getting the focus, though I mean yeah.

She she felt like she not living up to the expectation of the detective and some of that, but I'm pretty sure she she would come into fruition very soon.

She showed her talent and some of that like in the coming episodes, and maybe sean will be the one to save her when she was about to be falling to the sea and chameleon gonna like how to say, um go to handle her, so yeah chameleon, as you guys remember from the previous arc, that he was the one that you know took alicia away so well.

What can I say I mean looking forward to see.

How would they go about to deal with him? I mean, of course, the inheritance needs to be looked around, though, or maybe I do have a theory, though this whole thing could be a an act or something to lure out the inheritance or something I don't know because, like I said, I guess we all so we all see nagisa as hell now because of her well having cs's heart.

She has almost a similar look as hell, but who knows man? I do.

I have a feeling that this could actually be part of an act just to lure out something that, if the inheritance or something but I'm not just guessing right now, man but man, I gotta, say though nike start getting a lot of spotlight.

This episode is just really fun, though I mean it's nice to see that someone uh finding it getting seen her getting a spotlight again as after, like I know the past four episodes before many siesta, so yeah I mean looking forward to see what you gonna do next, though dealing with chameleon, while the one that's like strongest member obsessed, I guess, or one of the most dangerous member.

Although I do wonder, though, that whether this is a whole thing, this whole operation was all part of a an act, though just you know just to clear out the inheritance but which I'll see man so without saying hope.

You guys enjoy my russian special button and I'll see you guys next time.

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