Birth To Death of a Vampire in Real Life (2023)


Rebecca Zamolo is bitten by a vampire just as she is giving birth. In this emotional journey Rebecca learns what it feels like to be a Vampire but her mom dies tragically. It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "SURVIVING in a GRAVEYARD for 24 Hours." If Rebecca is able to survive and complete this program she will be able to know the secrets of being a Vampire. But if Rebecca does it will not be easy as an evil vampire is out to get her. Do you think she can make it through without showing full emotions of giving birth and death? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2022!

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This was supposed to be a shortcut home, but I think I'm lost hello, hello, I, don't know how we're gonna get home.

Oh two for the price of one.

Oh no I need a hospital.

Ah somebody helps.

Oh all right.

Mary I understand that we're having a baby today, let me check out some Bible.

Have you been attacked by a vampire push with me? Stay with me.

Give me a big push, one two: three, it's a beautiful baby girl.

Do you have a name for her Rebecca? No, no! No! No! No stay with me! Listen! I'm, a vampire, but I'm.

A good, vampire and you've been bitten by a vampire I'm gonna.

Do everything I can to protect you I promise just wake up.

Please foreign birth to death of a vampire in real life one year old, make a wish ready.

I can't believe you're, one years old, Rebecca, it's been a wonderful year! Thank you! So much for everything you've done for me and my daughter, you saved both of our lives right Rebecca, welcome, Mary time for your first piece of cake go to Rebecca.

Oh no, I cut myself! No! No, no, no, oh! No! No such isn't strong enough stay back, Rebecca I'm! So sorry, I promise I'll, never hurt you.

Wake up! Wake up.

Oh I need to strengthen your dose seven years old.

All right, Rebecca I want you to watch closely grip.

The wooden Spike like this.

Look, the evil vampire in the eyes kick stab right in the heart.

I want you to try nice! Ah, yes, you're a natural Rebecca, you're natural thanks Dad! Oh sorry, oh it's! Okay! You can call me dad I kind of feel like I.

Am your dad, but why are we fighting vampires I thought they were good.

Vampires are good like your mother, but there are some evil vampires out there that want my gummies.

You see these gummies prevent vampires from craving human fleshy blood.

They also protect you from going out into the sun.

That's a good thing right! It is, however, there's evil vampires out there that want these gummies and if they get these gummies evil could take place, which reminds me it's time for your blood draw.

Let's go! Why do you always have to take my blood? That's the safe, but can I just eat a gummy like you and Mom.

Well, these gummies don't work for you, you're special you're, a hybrid half, human and half vampire, oh no I'm coming foreign, no, no I'm hungry get off of her get off of her get off here.


What are you doing in here? Stay back mom.

What happened? Mom, it's okay, it's okay! She was too weak.

She was too weak.

We have to go come with me.


We have to go your mother loved.

You very much.

I thought she did until the day she died.

No, that's that wasn't her! Okay, she loved you.

She was weak and I'm.

Sorry I couldn't save her.

She left you this, though it's locked and it's not to be open until you turned 16., but how to reopen it.

She said you will know the time is right.

Sorry, goodbye, Mom, I love! You I can't wait to see.

What's inside of this box, 16 years old, Mom I'm gonna find whatever vampire tried to kill you and I promise.

I'm gonna get revenge, was just playing some basketball, well happy birthday, you're.

Finally, 16 you get to open the box that your mom I know.

I, know.

I just have to figure out how to open it.

Happy Birthday Rebecca, oh 16, hey hi Sydney.

How are you good? How are you good I have a extra special gift for you today.

What yes, really I, need you to close your eyes close your eyes, okay, we'll find out where am I going, keep walking how much farther walking what is it all right, happy birthday! Thank you.

So much I can't believe this, but Dad this box I'm supposed to be able to open it on my 16th birthday, but I can't figure out how well your mom said that you'll know when the time is right, so you'll figure it out, go outside it's awesome.

Thank you! So much all right, you, girls, go have some fun.

Okay, we will hey sweetie.

What was that? Oh uh he's just checking the tire pressure.

Okay, isn't this so cool? Oh, my God! This is amazing.

Oh wow I love this Jeep.

So much it's just what never mind Cindy we're best friends.

We tell each other everything.

What are you saying? No I can't just say it I wish your mom could be here.

She would have really loved this I'm.

So sorry she had that heart attack.

What's wrong, I'm, so sorry, Rebecca, oh I'm, so sorry I'm crying.

What is it I can't tell you? Oh you can tell me we're best friends.

Remember I! Don't want you to be mad at me.

How could I be mad at you? You can tell me anything.

I've been lying to you how my mom didn't die from a heart attack.

My mom died because she's a vampire, a vampire and I killed her wait.

How did that happen? It was with done my dad's, not my dad.

He was a doctor that saved my mom when she got bitten, I'm, sorry, I didn't tell you I, just didn't think you'd understand.

Of course it's okay, Rebecca I have so many questions.

None of this is making sense, but we're gonna be best friends, no matter what all right.

Let's get back to the house, it's your 16th birthday man I have so much to tell you.

You do ain't a vampire.

It's pretty crazy! I! Can't wait to have my cake.

Thank you guys, my necklace glowing.

Oh no! Oh! No, hey hello! My my friend go.

Let my friend go.

Give me back my mother's box.

You have no idea what this possesses, what it can do for me, what it can do for my kind.

Your kind brings evil to the world.

I will bring evil to the world.

To the end of time now, I'm going to kill you like I've, killed your friend not today get out of here.

It's okay lay down oh Dad.

What happened? What happened even better? What do I do? Did he wake up Dad? What are you doing? What are you doing, Dad doing what I have to do? She breathing dad Cynthia I'm? So sorry, what's going on, I had to do what I had to do? She was dying.

How do you feel amazing here? Take one of these who made her a bamboo trust me.

Let's get her inside 18 years old I can't believe that we are both going to prom and we both have dates.

I can't believe I'm going the promise of vampire okay here, I, don't feel normal eat.

One of these my dad says you'll get used to the Cravings okay you're good time for pictures.


Oh wow, you look stunning thanks! Dad, you ready.

Oh, let me take a picture.

Real quick get together.

One picture for dad, say uh hands to yourself.

I know where you sleeping Dad, okay, we're going now go, have fun but seriously Keep, Your Hands to Yourself bye, miss you already be good, have fun.

This is gonna, be the best Plum.

Ever we have the two prettiest girls here, I sure do here you go there! Sorry! Sorry, oh Sydney got one for you.

Oh my gosh, she's freezing! Why are you so ice cold? Oh it's because my room is so cold where we got ready.

You know what let's go.

Take photos photos, hello officer: how can I help you how's it going? We've had some break-ins in the area and we just wanted to secure your backyard and make sure that everybody was safe.

Sure do I have permission to answer as well as my partner, she's right behind me.

Yeah come on in come on.

In so I mean the backyard's.

Just it's right over here pose.

Let me get to see that smile, your dad is probably freaking out right now, yeah he's a mess.

No just kidding he's actually really cool.

He really is the best he's a little crazy, but I don't know what I would do without him.

That's our song, Let's Go dance.

Oh now, Rebecca I! Really, like you I, really like you too, you know I would never let anything happen to you really.

You are going to tell me exactly how to open this box.

He'll, never figure it out the viewer of no use to me.

Oh pathetic! There's something I actually have to tell you.

You see I I Smiles, your necklace uh.

You know what I I'm so sorry I have to go home right now: I'm, sorry, yeah, I, I'm, sorry I have to go where's.

She going dad dad dad dad.

Are you okay? You have to get the case, God open it.

It has the secret gummy formula right now.

Tell me a new number.

If you want your mom's box back meet me at the Shadow Pines Forest on the bridge.

The vampire that took my mom's box tried to kill my best friend.

It's the one that killed my dad.

So sorry, I'm gonna get that box back foreign hello.

You have my mom's box.

Where are you? Are you the one that killed my dad I want my mother's box back I think I'd be stupid enough to bring it you're going to tell me how to open it.

You killed my father.

Of course we did and if you don't help us you're next you're going to tell me how to open that book.

I, don't know how to open the box and if I did I would never tell you then I'll just talk about you.

No no you're, not gonna hurt her.

You have to come through me.

What fine by me you brought I'll, be back, do it I'm? So sorry, I brought you into this 21 years old Sydney.

What are you doing? Oh I'm gonna go study at the library.

What but I just ordered a pizza for us, I know, but I can't study here in the apartment, then I'm gonna have to eat a whole pizza by myself.

I'll see you later, okay, fine, just be studying alone in our apartment.

Don't miss me pizza delivery.

Oh I'll grab some cash come on in Hello darling.

What are you doing here, I'm here for you to finally tell me how to open that box? Well, I'm, not gonna, do that.

Well, then, I'll have to kill you just like I killed your father and like I, killed your mother.

You bit my mom I bit your mum, then it looks like I'm gonna have to kill you.

This will be fun.

Where are we welcome to where I killed your mother, or at least attempted to somehow that went to skate death, but I won't make that mistake again now tell me how do I open the lock box? I don't know where? Is it you'll never find it even if it was right under my nose and now it's time to die, no hahaha she's gone and now I'm, never gonna find my mom's box.

70 years old, thank you Sydney for walking me to my mother's grave, of course.

Now that I'm getting much older, I don't have much time.

Don't talk like that.

Rebecca I, don't want to lose you it's just the reality.

I'm, not a vampire like you there.

It is Dear Mother.

What is that? That's the jacket of the vampire I killed the one who took my mother's box I just wish I could have gotten her to tell me where it was before.

I killed her.

What did she say she said I wouldn't be able to find it, even if it was under my nose under your nose.

She said it was under my nose under your nose.

Look inside it I, don't understand she was wearing the jacket she said under my nose.

It could have been on her.

Is there something some clue? I, don't see anything, look, there's something in there.

What does it say? I, don't believe it it's a map.

Where does it go to we're right here in the map? It would be right up there.

There's an X come on.

Maybe that's it we're getting close.

It should be right over there near that tree Rebecca.

What's this I found it Rebecca here.

Let me help you.

Oh I can't believe this.

This is my mother's box.

That's the vampire had taken from me.

What's happening, I, don't know it opened something dropped.

Where is it I? Don't know.

The key has been in my locket, the whole time foreign.

It's a note, blood cube formula.

Oh this! What's inside it it's a journal, my mother's Journal, my little angel and mommy.

Oh the best day of my life, my mother loved me I will always love you and what does it say? Rebecca Rebecca, I love you more than life itself and you are the secret ingredient.

The doctor used to keep me and the other vampires alive, love mom, your mom really loved you.

She just couldn't handle the Cravings.

You know what it's like and the black gummies didn't work for her anymore.

That's why the doctor he always Drew my blood.

My blood was what kept my mother alive, blood cube formula, three milliliters of Rebecca's blood, mixed with vitamin D iron and sodium chloride.

It was you which means I have to save you guys before I die.

I know what I need to do.

Are you sure you want to do this? This will be the last bag.

Yes, if my blood can keep vampires alive, I want to donate all of it.

But this put this in me for being a creepiest.

Forget me: Rebecca, Rebecca, no I can't lose you Rebecca foreign I.

Did it I completed birth to death of a vampire except I, didn't actually die.

I became a vampire, so does that mean that I'm, a vampire in real life.


What does a vampire look like? ›

Vampires are typically said to be of pale skin and range in appearance from grotesque to preternaturally beautiful, depending on the tale. Another frequently cited physical characteristic is the inability to cast a reflection or shadow, which often translates into an inability to be photographed or recorded on film.

What is the rarest vampire? ›

The dirge is easily the rarest form of vampiric creature and indeed may be the least-documented undead being known to exist.

What Colour blood do vampires have? ›

Like human blood, vampire blood is red in colour.

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